This four minute video news release written, directed, produced and narrated by Cecilia Domeyko was produced as part of a national campaign to reach a wide US audience about the risk of macular degeneration, and to inform them about a new treatment to halt the eye disease and so prevent blindness. The treatment is a unique combination of vitamins: vitamin E, vitamin C, Betacarotene and zinc. Accent Media was the company hired by the National Eye Instititute at NIH to launch the campaign from NIH headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, and to produce a series of PSAs, VNRs and print materials for distribution to broadcast and print outlets nationwide.

Cecilia Domeyko has produced dozens of films shot in countries around the world, many about international issues, and issues related to civil and human rights, discrimination, health and other social topics. She often travels to countries where transportation is difficult, the climate is harsh, lodging is scarce, and the areas difficult to reach. She excels at working long hours in hard conditions while bringing out the best in the people she interviews, everyone from indigenous people, to residents of impoverished areas, to politicians, CEOs and heads of state. Her work has earned her over 60 awards in the past 10 years, and in 2011 she received the Women of Vision Award, given to women who excel in the fields of journalism and film.